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Elevate your look with this bold, stylish and sophisticated men’s timepiece that sets a new standard for an affordable luxury watch.




Discover a piece of true art, an eye-catching men's timepiece offered at direct-to-consumer low pricing. Take a moment to marvel at this beautifully crafted 43 mm timepiece that makes a bold statement that’s neither too bland nor too flashy. A men's watch that is so versatile it can be worn with any look, day or night.

Inspired by the rich Italian history of fashion and design, BRAVOTI's Milan model features four distinct timepieces presented on matching crocodile embossed genuine leather straps. The look is opulent and yet refined - eye catching for its richness without being overly flashy. The BRAVOTI timepiece can be worn everyday by both young and old alike.

Whether you’re conducting business or pleasure, BRAVOTI’s bold and sophisticated Milan model commands attention wherever you go. 


The man that wears a BRAVOTI timepiece is sophisticated, stylish, and appreciates good quality. He desires products that embody the perfect balance between luxury and affordability.” 
  - Brittnay Collins, BRAVOTI designer
Here's My Story

 My passion for the fashion industry can be traced back to when I started sketching designs at the age of twelve. It has been a way of life for me ever since.


My inspiration comes from surfing social media sites like Instagram, while shopping, watching movies, and even watching in the street for someone wearing something special, not necessarily a designer item but something even more exceptional.


It is this zeal for fashion that has given me the desire to design an affordable collection of sophisticated men's timepieces meant for everyday wear.

Brittnay Collins

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